Pinterest Board Ideas for Business

Without a question, businesses, particularly those who sell their products or services online, should investigate Pinterest as a major marketing tool. Pinterest, like any other internet marketing tool, should be used carefully to achieve your business objectives.

1. VIP board to feature customers

Ask fans of your brand to pin pictures of themselves with their favorite product of yours, and to tag you in the description. You can re-pin those photos onto a VIP board on your profile.

Not only is this a great way to play to the ‘vanity’ of your fans (they love to be featured on your boards), but it also serves to spreadthe word of your brand around the social network.

2. Products and services board, give sneak peeks

While you should never use Pinterest as a way to spam your customers with marketing pins, a couple of boards dedicated to your products and services won’t harm, particularly as Pinterest is such a huge driver of sales and web traffic.

Fashion brands on Pinterest are experts at this strategy, posting new boards toreflect the changing season’s must-have looks and provide exclusive sneak peeksto its fans. A study by Vision Critical for the clothing brand J. Crew found thatnearly a quarter (21%) of Pinterest users visited the store to buy an item theyliked or pinned from its boards.

3. Current campaigns board

Build a board specifically for posting information about your latest marketing campaigns, offers and deals, so that your customers can find them all in one place, e.g. Summer Offers, 25% Off Sale, etc.

Make sure that you rearrange yourboards to make this one appear near the top of your profile, so that these limitedtimedeals are given as much visibility as possible.

4. Meet-the-team board

Pinterest pins provide the perfect opportunity for your customers to get to know you and your staff better.

Take individual photos of your employees and use the title and description to tell your customers who they are and what they do; add other interesting snippets of information, e.g. their hobbies, favorite movie or why they love working for you! In essence, take customers behind the scenes, tohelp them connect more closely with you and your brand.

5.Company history board

Take inspiration from Facebook’s Milestones feature and use pins to documentthe history of your business. Customers love to indulge in the history andheritage of their favorite brands, and Pinterest provides the perfect opportunity tolet them do this.

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