How To Grow On Instagram Using IGTV 2021

Instagram’s longer-form video content is housed on IGTV.

It’s a fantastic platform for showcasing items, styling advice, and step-by-step tutorials the type of content that connects with consumers and helps to foster long-term relationships.

What Is IGTV

Instagram’s equivalent to YouTube is IGTV, a mobile-friendly platform for watching up to 60-minute-long videos.

IGTV could only play vertical (9:16) video at first. However, the platform has subsequently developed to enable horizontal (16:9) video formats, providing additional potential for YouTube creators.

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1. Be Consistent

There’s a reason it’s at the top of our list. Consistency is the most basic and important thing you can do to become a successful influencer.

Staying consistent allows your followers to know what to expect when they follow you, from the type of content you post to the aesthetic appeal of your feed to the time of day you post. Let’s face it: they’re following you because they enjoy what you’re doing with your account.

2. Have a Strategic Posting Schedule

This is linked to consistency. You don’t want to publish whenever you want. Not when it comes to expanding your  account, anyway! You must plan out your posting schedule carefully.

Without seeing any statistics unique to your target audience, don’t believe anyone who suggests there’s a “magic moment” to post. Thursdays at noon aren’t going to work for everyone!

3. Make a Good First Impression With Your Profile

Your profile image, username, bio, and story highlights are the first things people see on your Instagram page. We’re going to go over our suggestions for each.

  • use a hight quality image as a profile picture.
  • choose easy to memorize username.
  • optimize your name for searches.
  • consider adding a hashtag or mention.
  • add your contact information.

4. Utilize Relevant Instagram Hashtags

You’re missing out on a great opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility if you’re not using hashtags in your posts.

You don’t want to add a hashtag merely for the sake of hashtagging, though. It appears spammy and tarnishes your brand’s reputation. Use hashtags that are appropriate for your content as well as your target audience.

5. Engage With Your Community

Make connections by looking up similar hashtags or locations outside of your own feed. Like and comment on the posts of others. Don’t go overboard; instead, be genuine. Actively participating in discussions on Instagram can help you establish authority and trust, but only if you’re genuine.

You’re also expanding your visibility by connecting with your online community. By leaving your mark on relevant Instagram posts, you can get a lot of organic followers. If they’re commenting on the same post as you, users will notice your name and remark and are more inclined to visit your profile.

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