Facebook Marketing Strategy You’ll Like and Share

Facebook is the most visited social network in the world, with well over one billion users on desktop and mobile. As the king of social networks, your target audience is almost guaranteed to be there. Use these tips to build, brand and market your business on Facebook, as well as amass a following of highly engaged customers.

1. Pin important posts

Facebook allows you to pin a single post to the top of your Page’s timeline for up to a week.

Use this to feature important content, and make it more visible to fans who visit your Page. All new status updates will appear below the pinned post until it is unpinned (or a week elapses), whereupon it will fall into its originalchronological position. After creating a post, hover over it until the pencil icon appears, click it and choose ‘Pin to Top’. In particular, posts to consider pinning include special announcements, contents, promotions, etc.

2. Use @mentions to be personable and up engagement

When replying to individual fans’ comments on your Page, use the @username function to address each person individually.It’ll add a personal touch to yourservice and make the customer in question feel special, especially as they’llreceive a notification to let them know you replied.

For inspiration, take a look at these

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3. Encourage clicks through call-to-actions but avoid “click-baiting

To encourage higher click-through rates from Facebook and other social media to your website and blog, being specific about what you want your customers to do using a clear call to action is often a good bet, e.g. “Click here for more information [your link]”. Sometimes that little push can make all the differencebetween a successful status and one that sinks without a trace.

4. Thank your newest fans and have a fan of the month

Post a special ‘Thank You’ message about once a week to welcome new fans, even listing them by name if there aren’t too many – find them via the “See Likes” link in your Page’s Admin Panel.

Doing so adds a personal touch to yourcommunication, and reflects well on your image as a brand that cares about its audience.

5. Use private messaging for customer service

Facebook Page owners have the option to allow customers to contact the pageadministrator directly (“Settings” > “Messages” option).

If you have theresources to cope, you should definitely leave this option on, so that customers can get in touch, particularly if they don’t want to share their message on the public wall (and this may also prevent unsavory comments being broadcast to all of your fans).

6. Utilizing Facebook Groups to build your business

Facebook Groups are a convenient way to network with peers, strengthen relationships with current customers, or attract new ones – whether you create your own or join one of the millions that already exist. To get the most benefit from groups which focus on discussions concerning your chosen industry, your aim should be to position yourself as an authority figure: be active, give help,and be genuine, i.e. no focus on selling. Over time, your knowledge and influence will be recognized and this will help to pique people’s interest, perhaps enough to make them want to consider your product or service.Alternatively, if you create your own group, it can exist as a place to providecustomer support, promote upcoming events, get feedback on upcomingproducts, and for customers to connect, collaborate, and share (valuableconsumer insight for you!). Use the group’s About section to explain how thegroup works, and to steer the conversation and activity you would like to see.

7. Track your progress

Use Facebook Insights (click “Insights” at the top of your Page) to track howyour Facebook Page is performing day by day, and over a longer period of time.The Likes tab displays your overall Page growth, and where your audience isfinding you, while the Reach, Visits, and Post tabs will show you which types ofupdates – text, links, video, etc.

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